29 Aug Fool’s Friday

TGIF is so last season; instead Fool’s Friday is giving us all the “it’s the weekend baby!” liberation we need.

Say adios to the way-too-long-week and welcome your weekend in top-notch fashion. Here’s  the low down on ABRU’s post-work revelries.

Beer + Beer + Beer

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Take a swig or two from our select range of craft beers to cure the drained mind or to celebrate the end of a fruitful work week…And while you’re at it, chow down the wood-fired pizzas and other delicisousness that abounds. If that’s not enough (it will be) just sit and enjoy the good company of the fools around you.

You’ll soon find yourself planning your Raison d’etat and be ready to show the next week what you’re made of.