01 Sep In the eyes of a fool – a day at Abru

Well you know how it goes: It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday – regular crowd shuffles in…There’s an old man sitting next to me, making love to his tonic and gi- Okay fine. I might have borrowed a phrase or two from Billy Joel. But can I help that the guy pretty much sums it all up?

So it might not be nine o’clock on a Saturday per se, but there really is a regular crowd that shuffles in; and there really is an old man – this difficult German guy that goes by “where’s-the-lager-guy.” Oh, and then we have our regular British crowd, whom we refer to as the “why-not-in-pint-glasses-guys.” There you go – regular crowd shuffling in – thanks Piano Man.

Brewing’s been part of our heritage for as long as I can remember. We’ve been brewing since, yeah – brewing since 2014. That’s us – the masters of brewing. The “Brew Masters” if you will. Well “masters” is a very rigid term and technically would imply that we have a master’s degree in brewing. Which, evidently, we don’t – we don’t have a master’s degree in brewing no. So I guess if you want to be technical….

Point is: we make beers that evoke conversation. We love language-ing. That’s our aim – getting people to mingle, be liquid, be nimble. It’s a beautiful thing. We like to be inventive, throw you a curve-ball every now and again, keep you on your toes – give you a taste explosion – that’s what ABRU is all about.