Golden Ale

Our Golden Ale is, well, golden, clear and crisp. We hope traditional lager drinkers will enjoy the clean bitterness and light-ish body, combined with the added fruity character of Ale.

ABV 4,5%

Estimated IBU 29

English Pale Ale

We have used traditional English malt and hops to pay homage to David’s favourite style of beer. More body, more bitterness, roasted and caramel notes wrapped in an amber hue. I’m getting carried away.

ABV 4,5%

Estimated IBU 35

Martin’s Hop Monster

An imperial IPA, big on sugar, big on bitterness, big on hop flavour. This one is Martin’s baby. Multiple additions of a single hop variety contribute to the distinct flavour and bitterness of this brew. High in alcohol. What’s not to love?

ABV 6,9%

Estimated IBU 83

Martin’s Big Boy Porter

This one’s a robust-style porter, the perfect tonic for the Cape Town cold. The beer exhibits roasty coffee notes with a mature malt balance. There is a subtle hint of hops, but the malt is definitely the main player in this brew.

ABV 5,5%

Estimated IBU 25